What good is to know your customer if you are authenticating the wrong one ..

The demise of end-user created profiles and the rise of a trusted digital identity .

In an era of consumerization of IT, mobile users demand a new way of interaction and organizations may finally have to face the reality that user created profiles are unreliable and they must embrace new methods of authentication that balance security requirements and user experience, opening the path to the use of trusted digital identities.

A Sample Use Case — Mobile Medical Wallet — Identity Proofing , Authentication & Access.

The following use case is an approach that is being tested and developed by Anthrosight Solutions. Their product is an independent and mobile medical wallet- aggregating information from multiple Electronic Medical Portals, Sensors and other data sources to allow for the sharing of such information by medical professionals and others.

User on-boarding via remote identity validation
  1. They take a picture of their physical identity document
  2. They take a selfie within a specific time
  3. AI tools provide a method to validate the document, perform a biometric check between the physical ID and the selfie picture. Once that is verified, then additional information checks are performed against trusted sources, like the document issuing organization, service bureaus, etc..
  4. Once the information has been verified, it generates a digital identity that represents that individual — The information is bound to the individual and its device, lastly it may also be shared with a central authority for an additional layer of security, verification and management.
  5. Access is granted to the application and the users medical information
  6. The whole transaction generates a pleasant user experience, in less than 15 seconds, a user is able to onboard and gain access to their medical record. In comparison, it takes over a minute for the user to create their profile, enter information, create a user name, complex password and secret question manually.

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