Revenue is the output of a value interaction between your company and your customers.

If your revenues are not forthcoming then you need to refocus and recheck your value proposition, product and market segment.

Maybe you are just trying to sell your product to a customer segment that has no interest because it is not a problem that they have …Maybe your market segment or customer has shifted priorities, and what was before a problem ,today is a nice to have and you must adapt to address the new reality.

One thing that you must keep in mind that you…

For entrepreneurs fear of success can be more debilitating than the fear of failure.

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During a conversation with one of the companies that we work with; we realized that the entrepreneur is unknowingly sabotaging their own success, by overthinking each activity and looking to reach perfection instead of effectiveness.

During the conversation, we deep dived into the issues affecting his indecisiveness. Understanding that the concern is not what he was expressing but what he was not saying.

It was not about product, market fit, value proposition, customer acquisition, but it much more fundamental — the question — What happens when customers buy our product ? What happens next ?

Entrepreneurs struggle, not only with…

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You are standing in line waiting to check out.

You remember that you have the rewards application for this store loaded on your mobile device — you can finally use it to receive the discounted prices and gain some rewards.

You only need to find and load the application before reaching the cashier.

Plenty of time — there are five other customers in front of you.

You reach for your phone, the startup screen lights up and you authenticate using your PIN number.

You find the application and start it up .. easy.. you are confident and with a smile…

The agony of defeat

A few weeks ago, Real Club Deportivo Español — one of the oldest teams of La Liga in Spain, lost their game against FC Barcelona.

This loss ensured that they will be relegated to the Second Division for the first time in 26 years.

Their trajectory this season provides a great business learning experience.

This is an operational team that was coming out of a a strong season last year.

Early in the new season, their president described their vision for the year- “this year will be the year that we will classify for a spot in the Champions league”…

The problem:

The COVID-19 crisis will subside and millions of individuals will need to get back to normal life.

The only way to ensure that the pandemic is contained is by increased testing and verification of the population. Therefore, individuals must have the ability to share the results of their COVID-19 test with unrelated parties via proper consent and in a secure manner.

The discussions around a COVID-19 certificate grows louder, as economies around the world remain in turmoil, due to the inability to re-open and define the new normal until testing and reporting can be performed.

We foresee the rapid deployment…

Picture credit: Sheila Pedraza Burk

Since the outbreak of COVID19, there has been a rush towards the use of digital platforms for the delivery of products and services, under the premise of implementing a digital strategy for survival.

Leaders must understand that user habits will forever change and it will impact previous economic models. Organizations that underestimate the complexities of a digital transformation, will succumb to old habits and broken models. Models that do not scale and will be unsustainable.

The underlying concern about implementing an unproven strategy, is that organizations have long believed that digital adoption is a way to extend their current business…

Photo by Matthew Henry

Ever since the implosion of the WeWork IPO, there have been signs of change in the investment arena affecting startup funding. Funding activities are taking longer, increasing complexity and resulting in lower valuations.

The squeeze that startups are feeling is driven by the changing expectations of investors and funding organizations. The expectations have shifted; from lofty growth projections to economic fundamentals, like; traction, gross margin, sustainable growth.

The appearance of the coronavirus as an external disruptor and the implosion of the financial markets closes any path to liquidity events. The coronavirus is disrupting supply chains, customer access, events and day…

Webster’s dictionary defines traction as the support or interest that is needed for something to make progress or succeed.” Many startups and small businesses struggle with the issue of maintaining traction in their market. This blog will deal with the issue of how to achieve traction in the market and how to keep your organization properly aligned to support it, and to help you re-focus on the key components of traction.

The statistics are staggering, and the reality is that only 10–20% of startups and organizations survive in the long term. …

With the announcements of a FIDO2 by Google ( & and Microsoft ( ) Authentication is having a watershed moment-where past methods of authentication will be disrupted by a much simpler and modern authentication protocol.

This is not a discussion about the underlying protocol and security — the information about the standards and the technology documents can be found at the following link — but more about the rapid business adoption at scale driven by Google & Microsoft to claim a foothold on the upcoming digital identity ecosystem. …

Complex and obscure data supply chains are making it difficult for users to understand where their data is captured, transacted and exposed.

A clear example is a result of a simple exercise — I went to the website to check if any of my email accounts have been breached. (The website is a large repository of all of the email accounts that have been breached. Great work and effort by Troy Hunt — )

Discovering that the email and passwords have been compromised was not a surprise; The database contains information on over 7.5B …

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